Guided Selling Experiences That Convert

Build engaging quizzes, shoppable UGC, and promotions that drive sales.


Guide Your Customers to Purchase with Experiences That Convert

Build dozens of interactive experiences to drive sales - no code required

There is no other platform that allows marketers to self-build the variety of experiences available in Wyng. Product advisors, promotions, preference-based recommendations, post-purchase surveys, shoppable UGC, and more, offer marketers limitless possibilities to increase product discovery and basket size.

Target experiences to maximize conversion

Increase the efficacy of your campaigns by determining when to display or not display an experience based on known data. For example, encourage new site visitors to take a product finder quiz. Retarget quiz-abandoners with bespoke messaging to get them to complete the quiz, and then surface relevant product recommendations across your site once preferences are known.

Use customer preferences to personalize recommendations and offers.

For better customer experiences and more efficient marketing spend, personalize product recommendations, offers, and content, in-session or cross-session, based off of customer preferences (likes/dislikes, needs, values) instead of behavioral or demographic data.

Laptop screen with Wyng conversion unit library showing product catalog

Sync your product catalog to avoid manual updates and improve recommendations

Use our APIs to sync your product catalog with Wyng for real-time inventory and pricing updates in all your Wyng experiences. Never recommend an out-of-stock item and easily scale shoppable UGC regardless of how many SKUS or languages you have.

Use powerful out-of-the box dashboards to gain actionable insights on your experience performance

Track KPIs like visitor sessions, engaged sessions, quiz completion rates, and click throughs to PDPs. Drill down into each KPI to understand performance by geography, device type, or campaign source.

Check Out These Wyng Experiences Built to Convert

Batiste Product Finder Quiz

Create a product advisor quiz to help your customers discover, save, and purchase products while learning about their preferences so you can personalize future offers, product recommendations, and content.

Darphin Spin-to-Win

Use a gamified experience to encourage engagement and reward participants with coupon or promo codes. Leverage single-use coupon codes to prevent sharing, as well as enable tracking that can tie each redemption back to a specific participant and campaign.

Buckle Shoppable UGC

Create a shoppable UGC image gallery on your website with to drive product discovery, traffic, and sales. Use visual highlights to indicate shoppable products within content and make it easy for customers to click through to product detail pages.

Bai Proof-of-Purchase Sweepstakes

Require proof of purchase for entry into a digital sweepstakes or contest. Wyng supports UPC code validation, receipt upload, and more.

“Product advisors outperform total site KPIs in engagement, average order value, and conversion rate. We’ve increased AOV by 134%.”

Digital Trade Executive @ L’Oréal

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