L’Oréal UK Sees +134% AOV with Diagnostic Quizzes

Do you know your optimal skincare routine? A surprising number of factors go into determining the best routine for any one person. Individual characteristics like skin type, skin sensitivity, time available to dedicate to a regime, and primary skin concerns (ie. being acne-prone, aging skin, large pores) are all factors that have to be considered. For brands in this space, helping consumers customize their personal skincare routine and identify products they will need are vitally important.

L’Oréal UK’s Active Cosmetics Division knows this well. L’Oréal is the world leader in dermocosmetics a combination of cosmetics and dermatology, meaning beauty and health practices coming together. The company has a wide range of internationally-distributed and renowned skincare and haircare brands available on store shelves worldwide.

L’Oréal UK has worked with Wyng since 2019. The partnership started with a focus on growing opt-in email subscriptions, and has expanded to include new ways of engaging and educating customers, and helping them discover and buy the best products for their personal needs and preferences.

Today, L’Oréal UK Active Cosmetics brands use the Wyng platform to power a variety of microexperiences on their websites and landing pages — from email opt-in campaigns and voucher claim forms to sampling programs and diagnostic quizzes.

Diagnostic Quizzes for Privacy-First Personalization

While each type of microexperience plays a role in the customer journey, diagnostic quizzes like the La Roche-Posay Skin Routine Finder, SkinCeuticals Regime Finder, and Decléor Routine Finder are designed to help customers find the skincare routine best suited to their personal needs and preferences, and purchase the products that make up the routine.


When engaging with a diagnostic quiz, customers proactively share their personal context (e.g. facial skin type, primary facial skin concern, and other characteristics) so that the brand can recommend a bespoke skincare routine, involving multiple products. The quizzes are inviting, visual, and polished — and the products that make up the recommendations are shoppable “in the moment” at the conclusion of the quiz.

The Results of a Bespoke Experience

LaRoche Stats“Routine Finder services have performed to a high level consistently since launch. A trend is seen across all brands in that these services outperform total site KPIs in Engagement, Average Order Value and Conversion Rate,” said Ciaran Mulvenna, Digital Trade Executive for the L’Oréal UK Active Cosmetics group. “Taking the La Roche-Posay Routine Finder as an example, YTD Conversion Rate is +21% vs. total site and Average Order Value +134% vs. total site. These services are a reflection of the level of collaboration we’ve had with Wyng, and we look forward to continuing to optimise these going forward in line with our group ambition to be the leader in beauty tech!”

In addition to driving e-commerce sales, diagnostic quizzes provide an opportunity for brands to educate customers. The Decléor Routine Finder provides informative content about different skin types and skin conditions during the course of the quiz — for example, symptoms that might indicate sensitive skin, or dry and dehydrated skin.

The L’Oréal Active Cosmetics quizzes do an exemplary job of providing a relevant service based on the personal context data (also known as zero-party data) that customers choose to share with the brands.

La Roche QuotePrior to displaying a recommended routine, each quiz gives customers the option of submitting a form to subscribe to email communications from the brand. The form clearly explains what types of communications the customer is opting into, how their data will be used, and links to the privacy policy — ensuring consent meets the GDPR criteria of freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous.

While customers can skip the form and go straight to their recommended routine, those who opt-in benefit from getting their recommended routine delivered to their inbox, and enjoy future emails personalized according to the personal context data they shared with the brand via the quiz.

The diagnostic quizzes demonstrate how L’Oréal brands stand out for their focus on customer experience, value, trust.

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