Your Customers Want Relevance, Not Creepy Personalization

Learn why brands are looking at zero-party data to optimize their customer experience

Customers expect personalized experiences

76% of consumers get frustrated when brand interactions are not personalized

Personalization requires accurate, usable data

Only 22% of consumers feel the data brands gather from them results in better experiences.

Good data is getting harder to come by

Privacy laws, the deprecation of third-party cookies, and changes in consumer sentiment are causing new data challenges for brands.

What is Zero-Party Data?

Zero-party data is information that a consumer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand. Examples include personal needs or values, likes/dislikes, purchase intentions, and more.


When zero-party data is used as a complement to traditional first and third-party, brands can supercharge their personalization efforts to deliver better customer experiences.

Zero-party data (ZPD) is the solution to many modern day data challenges. ZPD: 


  • Accurate: ZPD comes directly from the consumer, meaning no guesswork or assumptions
  • Customer-First: ZPD is transparently earned, so your consumers are in full control of their brand experience
  • Quick to Action: ZPD requires no human analysis or AI to interpret

What Good Zero-Party Data Collection Looks Like

User-friendly experiences

Great data collection experiences should be fun, engaging, well-timed, and easy to participate in.


Want to learn more about your anonymous website visitors while directing them to relevant site content? Try a Next Best Question.


Want to guide an online shopper to purchase while learning about their preferences? Try a Product Advisor.

Transparent value exchange

When asking for data from your consumers, the value you can create in exchange for that data must be clearly understood.


Value can be in the form of personalized product or content recommendations, loyalty points, coupons, promo codes, a sweepstakes entry, sample, or more. The best value exchange mechanism will always depend on your business and where the customer is at in their buying journey.

Immediate use of learned preferences

Only collect zero-party data you will use. Ideally, action earned data as soon as possible to provide immediate value to your consumers and build trust.


Utilizing preference-based personalized offers, product recommendations, and content is a great way to immediately action preferences for a better customer experience.

Consumers always in control

Zero-party data is powerful and personal, and consumers should have the ability to control and manage the data they share with a brand at any time. Customer Preference Centers allow for this control.

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