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How Wyng Works

Build engaging, beautiful digital experiences that collect customer data

With no code, marketers can build vacation finder quizzes, promotions, post-trip surveys, and more in the Wyng Microexperience Studio. Start with one of our dozens of pre-built templates designed with travel use cases in mind.


Use the experiences you build to simply ask customers about their travel inspiration, interests, destination affinities, and communication preferences (including email and SMS opt-ins). Reward them with built-in value-exchange features – like a trip recommendation, unique coupon code, or personalized brochure.

Capture and unify valuable preference data

Unlock actionable insights about your audience and identify customer segments based on what’s most important to your business (ie. location preferences, budget, timeline for travel). Feed those segments and other customer data to your existing systems, to personalize across channels (email, SMS, etc.).

Put customers in control of their data with a preference center

Build trust with your customers by providing a central, secure place on your site for them to control what information your brand knows about them.


Encourage regular updates to ensure your team always has the most accurate customer data for targeting and personalization.

See Wyng in Action

Check out these experiences powered by Wyng

Vrbo Vacay Finder Quiz

Challenge“Because of new privacy policies, it is getting more difficult to get accurate, usable data on my customers.”

Solution: Create a trip advisor quiz to help your customers discover their ideal destination while collecting valuable information about their travel preferences.

Railbookers Next Best Questions

Challenge: “Most of our site visitors are anonymous, so it’s difficult to deliver relevant content.”

Solution: Use a single question pop-up on your website to start learning about your anonymous visitors. Progressively build profiles over time by asking additional singular, well-timed questions.

Collette Recommendations

Challenge: “I need to provide a better online buying experience for my travelers.”

Solution: Personalize your site, even for anonymous visitors, by recommending trips or other products based on visitors’ volunteered data (collected via a product finder quiz, single question, etc.).

Delta #SkyMilesLife UGC Gallery

Challenge: “I need content that will keep my customers engaged and grow their affinity to my brand.”

Solution: Travelers love to inspire and be inspired. Encourage photo submissions with a UGC contest or sweepstakes, with built-in audience polling.


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