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“Reaching customers is harder than ever with the changes in data privacy norms. We knew personalization with Wyng would be powerful, but we were blown away to see how much engagement and conversion increased after launching just a few personalized experiences.”

Christina Bellman, CEO @ LĒVO Oil

L'Oréal UK Sees 134% increase in AOV with diagnostic quizzes

Industry: Beauty & Cosmetics

Challenge: L’Oréal UK has an extensive product catalog and web visitors with a variety of skin needs. The beauty giant needed a way to help customers identify products that are the best fit for their desired skincare routine.

Solution: L’Oréal UK used Wyng’s Experience Studio to build an interactive diagnostic quiz to collect customer preferences and suggest personalized product recommendations.

Vrbo increases bookings with Vacay Finder Quiz

Industry: Travel & Hospitality

Challenge: Vrbo wanted to engage and inspire their customers to book safe getaways during the COVID pandemic.

Solution: Vrbo’s Vacay Finder, built with Wyng’s Experience Studio, provides individualized vacation destination recommendations based on a traveler’s personal preferences.

AAA case study image new

AAA Northeast drives innovation & engagement with post purchase questions

Industry: Travel & Hospitality

Challenge: AAA Northeast members expect a high level of personalization in their brand interactions. As AAA aimed to scale their personalization efforts beyond in-person interactions and direct mail, they needed a tool that would help them to curate content digitally at scale.

Solution: AAA Northeast used Wyng to build a simple experience during member renewal and new member onboarding – a one question survey to collect zero-party data that could be used to customize content, promotions, and product recommendations.

unilever office

Unilever gets creative with promotions & zero-party data

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods

Challenge: Unilever Canada sells most of their goods through retailers, meaning the CPG giant doesn’t get much direct interaction with their end customers. Unilever needed to find a way to build their subscriber database while learning more about their customers’ preferences.

Solution: Unilever Canada implemented welcome quizzes, sweepstakes, promotions, and sampling programs through Wyng to engage with customers, obtain opt-ins and email addresses, and learn customer preferences to power personalization efforts.

“A year ago, zero-party data wasn’t part of my vocabulary. I am so glad to be partnering with Wyng, because ZPD hits on every part of my data strategy – getting data that 1) customers are willing to share and 2) my team wouldn’t be able to retrieve any other way – regardless of how much money we’d be willing to pay.”

VP of Customer Experience and Insights @ Collette Travel

National coffee chain increases brand affinity with experiential campaigns

Industry: Quick Service Restaurants

Challenge: This coffee chain needs to create engaging, digital content that delights their loyal fandom just as much as in-store experiences.

Solution: Using the self-serve Wyng Experience Studio, in conjunction with the expert guidance of the Wyng Services Team, the national brand creates a variety of experiential quizzes and polls that are just as fun to participate in as they are to share. 

LEARFIELD scales fan engagement with 1,000s of Wyng experiences

Industry: Media & Advertising

Challenge: LEARFIELD has to execute a high-volume of campaigns for their clients and sponsors, while making sure to keep quality up and creativity flowing. 

Solution: LEARFIELD uses pre-buit templates in the Wyng Use Case Library to quickly spin-up thousands of engaging, polished campaigns – from sweepstakes, to brackets, to instant wins.

Novamex gains millions of opt-ins with Wyng experiences

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods

Challenge: Novamex sells all their products through restaurants and retailers, meaning 0 direct contact with their end consumers. Novamex brands have a lot of personality, and finding ways to share that vibrancy and cultural spirit with consumers is critical.

Solution: Novamex users Wyng to build a variety of highly-engaging, interactive digital experiences to interact with consumers. After a couple years of working with Wyng, Novamex has amassed an owned database of millions of consumer emails.

Paper and Packaging Board smashes engagement goals

Industry: Media & Advertising

Challenge: The small but mighty team at P+PB has a pretty big mission – to engage and educate many different audiences about the sustainable benefits of using paper products.

Solution: P+PB collaborates with Wyng Services to deliver highly interactive campaigns for both B2B and B2C audiences. Wyng Metrics help measure how well the audiences are engaging with and learning from content.


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