Stop Guessing What Your Customers Want and Just Ask!

Launch engaging digital experiences that transparently collect the data you want most from your audience.


Better Data Means Better Customer Experiences

Choose from dozens of engaging experiences to collect data

Data collection can (and should!) be more than just your average form or quiz. With Wyng, launch gamified, highly-engaging experiences your audience will eagerly want to participate in.

Beauty Experience Studio

Incentivize your audience to volunteer data by offering value in return

The best data collection is transparent and value-driven. Wyng has built-in value exchange mechanisms that make it simple to reward participants with personalized recommendations, single or multi-use coupon codes, samples, loyalty points, and more.

Earn customer data over time

You don’t like lengthy surveys, and neither do your customers! Use Wyng experiences to progressively enrich customer profiles over time. Target different experiences based on known data, and alter the questions, form fields, or content with a single experience to optimize data collection from new and returning site visitors.

Create a fully customizable data model

Want to know what inspires your customers to purchase? Or what values influence the type of content they read? With Wyng, you have full control over the data attributes you collect in your experiences. Create segments with those attributes and use out-of-the box dashboards to analyze the data so you can truly understand your customers’ preferences.

Flow data wherever it needs to go

Push the zero-party data you collect from Wyng experiences to any of your existing technologies, so you can segment, target, and activate data across channels for better personalization.

Check Out These Wyng Experiences Optimized for Data Collection

Just For Men Preference Center

Let your customers update and share their personal information with your brand at any time, by giving them easy access and control of their data through a customer preference center.

Aveda Product Advisor Quiz

Create a product advisor quiz to help your customers discover, save, and purchase products while learning about their preferences so you can personalize future offers, product recommendations, and content.

LĒVO Oil Contextual Preferences

Collect information about your customer’s preferences in a user-friendly, frictionless way that doesn’t interrupt their browsing experience. Use tiny code snippets embedded into landing pages and email so customers can indicate their likes, needs, and interests with a click of a button.

Railbookers Next Best Question

Use a single question pop-up on your website to start learning about your anonymous visitors. The next time a visitor returns to your site, surface another question based on their previous answer to progressively build profiles over time.

 “With zero-party data, we’re getting data from people who want to share it with us, and we also get the important data we won’t be able to buy for any amount of money.”

VP of Customer Experience & Insights @ Collette Travel

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