Forms and Surveys

Innovate and Improve Traditional Data Collection

instant personalization

With innovative form and survey experiences to support data capture, your brand can drive more quality opt-ins and regularly connect with your customers and gather their evolving preferences. Reward customers for participating with custom coupon codes or recommendations and progressively build customer profiles over time. Wyng includes a no-code Experience Studio to build custom experiences in minutes that include built-in fraud prevention, social sharing tools, and easy-to-use translation capabilities.


Improve Form Completion Rates

Wyng believes every digital interaction should add value for both consumers and brands. This is why Wyng offers so many ways to reward consumers for participating in a survey, poll, or quiz: single or multi-use coupon codes, loyalty points, samples, personalized content or recommendations, and many more.

Brands can even customize rewards to improve form completion rates while maximizing return on their marketing investments. For example, rewarding different incentives for new vs. existing customers or for different loyalty tiers.

Opt-In Forms

Grow your owned database with highly qualified opt-ins. Use our email or SMS verification features to ensure valid contact information. Add validation rules to any form field to verify age, mailing address, or any custom field of your choosing. Include multiple opt-ins on one form if hosting a program with multiple sponsors.

Post-Purchase Surveys

Strike while the customer is hot! Asking simple questions right after a purchase is a great time for data gathering. Learn customer preferences and then use those choices to personalize future outreach with relevant content, offers, and rewards.

Progressive Data Capture

Progressive data capture, also known as progressive profiling, is the systematic approach of collecting customer data piece-by-piece over time. With progressive data capture, you never need to ask your audience the same question twice!

Hide or skip form fields and surface different questions in a survey based on known data in order to improve form completion rates and earn more data in a user-friendly way.


Use Wyng to create a personality, trivia, or product finder quiz to engage your audiences while learning about their preferences. Both new site visitors and loyal customers love advisor quizzes and the suggestions that come from data shared.


Interactive voting on favorites is a great way to entertain your customers, drive opt-ins, and create a sense of community. Use built-in social sharing features and unique referral codes so your customers can spread the hype and love.

 “Our consumer database has gone from zero to probably a couple million at this point just from Wyng. We’re probably getting 50,000 in an experience and we’re doing 10+ per year”

Shopper Marketing Manager @ Novamex

Why Choose Wyng?

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Design and build at lightning speed

Marketers can build forms and surveys in minutes without the help of IT. Select from dozens of customizable templates, already optimized for engagement and conversion.

Flexible service models to meet your needs

Jump into the platform and immediately start creating experiences self-serve. Or, augment and accelerate your team with Wyng services, including strategic, technical, and fulfillment.


Built to scale across brands and markets

Create a survey your consumers love, then easily translate and publish that experience across other markets and sites. Use shared asset libraries and custom design themes to scale experience production.


Secure and compliant

Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards. Wyng is proud to be GDPR and HIPAA compliant as well as SOC2 Type 2 certified.


Ready to launch your first form or survey with Wyng?