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Wyng microexperience studio

Fast and Flexible

Wyng Experience Studio enables marketers to build digital experiences that engage audiences, collect data, and drive sales. Unify and simplify how you build, publish, and optimize digital experiences across markets, brands, and tech stacks.

Advantages of experience studio

Wyng provides a wide variety of out-of-the-box experiences and a flexible, no-code design studio so any team can design and deploy world-class experiences.

Whether your goal is to capture more opt-ins or collect zero-party data from your customers, Wyng experiences are optimized for data collection. Use built-in fraud prevention features to ensure better quality data. Incentivize data sharing with a variety of value exchange mechanisms – including personalized content, coupon codes, loyalty points, or samples. 

Create dynamic experiences for your website and mobile app that can published as a standalone landing page or via Javascript or iframe embed. Flexible publishing also means you can verify the Wyng code one time, site-wide, and have full control of all experiences after that.

Various markets, brands, and partners can build and share custom design themes and component libraries – including standard privacy policies or opt-in clauses – for easy reuse. Teams can also upload and host media files, PDFs, or font files in a shared brand content library so its always easy to scale on-brand experiences. 

No-Code Experience Builder

Wyng Experience Studio allows marketers to build experiences in minutes using customizable templates and a simple drag-and-drop studio. Add advanced interactive components - including forms, rewards, gamification, and questionnaires - with ease. Control fonts, button styling, colors, and other design elements without any code. You'll be amazed at the variety and quality of experiences you can build with Wyng.

Advanced Gamification Capabilities

Easily add an element of gamification - swipe gestures, scratch-offs, spin-to-wins, voting - to any Wyng experience. Configure reward distribution to fit your business needs by assigning probabilities to random outcomes or rewarding specific users with unique, trackable coupon codes.

Built-In Fraud Prevention

Block bad actors from taking advantage of your experiences by enabling a variety of built-in fraud prevention capabilities within Experience Studio. Set participation limits for experiences or add validation requirements to ensure only qualified people participate. Enable CAPTCHA on any form to avoid bot submissions or require email or SMS verification.

Customizable Design Themes

Wyng templates are 100% customizable, meaning your team can create beautiful, fully-branded digital experiences with ease. Experience Studio comes with several default design themes, but you can define your own themes that can be easily shared with team members and applied across all experiences. Host and use any commercial or open source fonts without code.

Experience and Data Integrations

API-first means Wyng plays well with others. Sync your product catalog or coupon codes to Wyng to utilize these assets in shoppable experiences. Onboard and export customer data to deliver more relevant experiences across channels. Don't see the productized integration you need? Build it yourself with our open documentation or leverage Wyng Services to build it for you!

Flexible Publishing and Hosting

Deploy experiences in multiple formats (overlays, pop-ups, sticky bars, in-line containers, galleries, etc.) across multiple touchpoints. Use a lightweight, one-line Javascript tag with configurable rules and triggers to add Wyng experiences to your website and mobile app. Or, host your experience on a standalone landing page with custom subdomain.

Sophisticated Value Exchange

Great digital experiences always put the customer first. That's why Experience Studio makes it easy for marketers to create experiences that are user-friendly and value-driven. Provide personalized product recommendations or curated content in exchange for customer data. Reward existing customers with loyalty points for participating in a survey. Link forms to rewards or coupon codes to provide an extra incentive for completion.

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