Wyng Digital Experiences

Engage audiences.
Collect data.
Deliver relevance.

Why Wyng Experiences?

Wyng experiences are more than just your standard form or quiz. Wyng believes every interaction a brand has with its consumers should be user-friendly, contextually relevant, and value-driven, so we design our experiences and features with these values in mind. There is no other platform that allows your team to build the breadth and quality of digital experiences thats available in Wyng. Read on to learn about our experiences.


Build quizzes, sweepstakes, preference centers, progressive forms, UGC contests, swipe games, scratch-offs, and more – all in one platform. There are dozens of templates to help users get started self-serve, or users can leverage the expertise of Wyng Services to design and build experiences.

Add gamification elements to any Wyng experience to increase engagement. Use our built-in fraud prevention capabilities to ensure high-quality participation. Take advantage of various value exchange mechanisms – personalized product recommendations, loyalty points, unique coupon codes – to maximize participation and form fills.

Create custom design themes that can be easily repurposed for always on-brand experiences. Use our APIs and SDKs to simplify customizations and have full control over experience design and data collection.

Organize multiple brands, agencies, in-house teams, and partners in one unified environment, with different permission sets and access for different stakeholders. Advanced security and data controls ensures proper compliance and respect for privacy.

Create product advisors, personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, polls, and more to engage your audience, collect data, and recommend content. Use advanced branching and progressive data capture capabilities to maximize quiz completion and conversion. Embed quizzes directly on your site or as a standalone landing page.

Create sweepstakes, UGC contests, instant wins, and other promotional experiences in minutes. Easily configure participation limits, validation rules, and prize distribution all within the Wyng platform. Save time and simply your next campaign by using our promotion administration and prize fulfillment services.

Give your customers a central, secure place on your site for them to control and manage the data they share with your brand. Customer preference centers nurture engagement, trust, and loyalty by letting customers fine-tune their preferences over time. This freedom of choice ultimately improves the quality of data for brands, making it easier for you to provide the personalized experiences your customers have come to expect.

Create highly engaging, interactive digital experiences your website visitors will love. Use swipe-to-answer quizzes, scratch offs, spin-to-wins, or challenges to earn rewards to encourage participation in your experiences and increase brand affinity.

Reward consumers for engaging with your experiences by offering single or multi-use codes, samples, or special offers. Configure reward limits, probabilities for each outcome, and validation rules directly within Wyng.

Only Wyng enables you to embed simple preference collection experiences across your site. Trigger experiences using rules and audience segments to target the correct audience every time. You the same segments to personalized content within experiences to maximize data collection and deliver relevance.

Engage users with embedded or standalone form and survey experiences. Ensure high quality forms fills by enabling CAPTCHA, setting participation limits, or requiring email validation. Incentive form completion by rewarding participants with promo codes, personalized recommendations, loyalty points, and more.

Create and easily manage powerful UGC marketing campaigns with our enterprise-class UGC capabilities. Brands can ingest posts on social media, easily acquire permissions to use content, add custom tags, integrate with product portfolios, and audit for compliance all in the Wyng platform.


Ready to launch your first digital experience with Wyng?