LEARFIELD Scales Engagement with Thousands of Wyng Experiences

Connecting with Fans at Scale

As the go-to company for connecting brands to the largest fan base in sports, LEARFIELD knows good fan engagement when they see it. But with a constant stream of games and events all season, LEARFIELD needs to move fast — and building and launching a high volume of quality, high-performing campaigns on a tight schedule can be a challenge. 

“Especially in football season, we need to turn around great, interactive experiences very quickly, so we meet fans where they are,” says Jessica Dowell Gajewski, Senior Manager, Digital & Social Activation at LEARFIELD.

They needed a platform that’s easy to learn, adaptable, and scalable to spin-up digital campaigns quickly — and a way to report the results in real-time with the organizations and teams running point.

A Platform to Give Customers Their Best Shot

Today, LEARFIELD uses the Wyng Microexperience Studio to create gamified fan experiences for each of the nearly 200 organizations they support, like sweepstakesscratch-off campaignspersonality quizzes, and vote-to-win campaigns. In 2022 alone, they launched over 1,000 experiences using Wyng — about 20 new campaigns every week. Using Wyng Metrics, they can capture and communicate real-time impressions, engaged sessions, and opt-ins while offering year-over-year comparison data with their clients.

Turning fans into loyal customers and sponsors into loyal clients: Learfield partnered with a large international airline to offer a Flyaway Sweepstakes to University of Colorado (CU) fans. Participants in the promotion had the option to enroll automatically into the airline’s loyalty program. The result was an easily shareable, engaging campaign and a great experience for CU fans and more potential customers for the airline.

Creating winning experiences to help sponsors and clients score big: The National Dunkin Sweepstakes is a collaboration between collegiate basketball and Dunkin’ Donuts, using a sweepstakes model to engage and incentivize fans. With a quick survey, fans could enter to win tickets, airfare, hotel to see their favorite college basketball team, and free Dunkin’ coffee for a year. In return, Dunkin’ Donuts earned impressions, zero-party data, and email opt-ins from an engaged fan base.

High-Performance Fan Experiences for the Win

An easy-to-use platform: The Wyng Microexperience Studio offers customizable templates to create and copy/edit campaigns without the fuss of building each experience from scratch. LEARFIELD can rely on easy drag-and-drop functionality to build and deploy personalized campaigns in minutes — no code required. 

Enterprise scalability: As teams request more ways to interact with their fan base, LEARFIELD can revamp and personalize past campaigns across properties without reinventing the wheel — or going through lengthy approval processes. 

Reporting capabilities: Wyng makes it easy for LEARFIELD to create and share campaign recaps to report impressions, engagements, clicks, entry numbers, opt-in numbers, conversion rates, and more. For longer-running campaigns, LEARFIELD can link clients to a dashboard to monitor baseline metrics in real time.

Expert support: No matter how quickly LEARFIELD is moving, Wyng offers prompt, comprehensive support to help LEARFIELD troubleshoot quickly and keep campaigns moving. “I can easily test and preview experiences, and Wyng empowers me with the tools I need to build things myself,” says Gajewski. “I feel like I’m a Wyng power user.”

Interested in learning more about Wyng? Get started today with a free trial of Wyng, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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